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In-Store Payments

The Tappr Smart Terminal is built for the new generation of payments.

More ways to get paid

* We’re working on adding many more too!

Mobile EFTPOS System

Dashboard & Marketplace

  • The Tappr dashboard and marketplace underpins every service we offer.
  • Manage all your payment types and analyse transactions via the Dashboard.
Access a wide range of additional integrations at any time via the Tappr Marketplace.
Payments Dashboard

Payment types accepted

Payment Types
Coming Soon Logos
Coming Soon Logos

Why Tappr

  • We offer more payment types.
 We are at the forefront of point of sale payment acceptance.
  • We are Australian based and so is our support team.
  • We get that you don’t want to have to spend a lot of time thinking about payments, you just want your customers to pay. So we give you ONE sign up for everything and we take care of the rest.
  • All Tappr products are supported by our dashboard to manage everything.
Smart Card Reader


Choose your perfect Plan

We aim to keep pricing simple but we also want to give the power of choice!
Choose the pricing structure that best suits your business.

$50 Per month

Payment Logos

1.5% + GST with $1250
included transactions.
EPTPOS $0.25 + GST


$75 Per month

Payment Logos

1.25% + GST with $3500
included transactions.
EPTPOS $0.25 + GST


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a contract/commitment period?2019-03-18T00:59:43+00:00

No, there’s no minimum contract term but there’s just a once off $110 cancellation fee if you exit before 12 months.

Is the device fixed or able to be moved?2019-03-13T22:35:39+00:00

The Move5000 offers great flexibility and can be either fixed to your counter top or can be moved around to take payments.

How does a customer receive a receipt?2019-03-13T22:35:33+00:00

A customer can receive both a paper receipt from the terminal and they also have the option to receive it via SMS too.

How is Tappr to different to other providers in the market?2019-03-13T22:35:26+00:00

Tappr is a local Brisbane company with local support available. We are bringing together all your payment options in the one device and in one view on our online Dashboard. We offer competitive rates with the focus on the customer and merchant experience.

Other companies also offer a Move5000. What is different about Tappr’s?2019-03-13T22:31:09+00:00

It’s not the device that makes Tappr different, it’s what we do with it. We have transformed the standard Move5000 into a Smart Terminal that can accept many additional payment types that standard, and then allow this to all be managed via the online dashboard.